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BTCPOP Shares Section

image-left The first custom section has been added to Bluetin, BTCPOP shares.

The list of shares at BTCPOP is quite extensive, daunting if you’re new to the site. Quite often in chat people will ask what shares are good, and the typical response is for other members to suggest BTCPOP’s in-house shares, their own IPO’s, and maybe one or two of the others. As for a definite list, there isn’t one.

What is a good share? What is a bad share? What is a scam share? It’s probably easier to use BTCPOP’s other features, such as the altcoin exchange.

The main problem is quantifying good, bad, dead and scam shares. The dividend payment is a good place to start but, dividends can be paid early, late, partial or have double payments. It’s a crazy world out there. For the purpose of the Bluetin blog a dividend status calculation is made. It is a simple calculation that can only be considered an indication of what is active or inactive.

The dividend status calculation is based on the last dividend payment date and the expected dividend period. From the dividend status you will find a number of lists in the shares summary.


Dividend Status

The Bluetin dividend status method is only an indication of what shares are active.

Div Due Date = Last Div Date + Div Period

Be aware that due calculations are relative to the last dividend payment date. The last dividend payment may have been early, late, partial or a double payment. So make sure you check your homework.

  • Active - Dividends up to date.
  • Due - Dividends up to 7 days overdue.
  • Late - Dividends 8-15 days overdue.
  • Defaulted - Dividends over 15 days overdue.

IPO Owners: If your IPO is on the inactive list then it may not be monitored, and you may need to contact me, in chat or by email, to initiate an update.

Disclaimer: Bluetin does not endorse any investments and aims to provided impartial information. Were all efforts are taken to ensure correct information is available, Bluetin can not guarantee it's validity. Please ensure you check your homework.