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SMIC: Serious Moonlight Investment Company

Trade IPO Share Holders Forum Website POP User: denandbil
Dividend Status: Active
Dividend period (days): 30 Last dividend payment: 2020-08-31 19:59:35
Dividend information updated: 2020-09-01 08:41:31
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IMPORTANT 1st Shareholder Vote!

Ok, so I am an IPO Noob. I really should have ticked the ‘Burn Unsold Shares’ box. As a result, I hold some 95000 shares in SMIC.

I really want to see SMIC succeed, and become a long term share, here on POP.

My issue is divs paid from earnings, and the way I see it is this……..low divs=quick growth or high divs=slow growth. So here is the proposal for shareholders to vote on (I will abstain from voting). Voting closes 20/07/2020 at midnight, POP time. I have a snapshot of current shareholders, so please cast your vote in comments below (either Low or High is fine)

Low divs=quick growth: lets say 45% earnings are 100k sat. This = 1 sat per share but I put my 95k sat back into SMIC to enable quick growth

High divs=slow growth: lets say 45% earnings are 100k sat. There are 4791 genuine shares which = 20.87 sats per share




1st Shareholder Vote Results

  • High Divs = 1
  • Low Divs = 10
  • Abstained = 14

Low Divs passes.


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