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Trade IPO Share Holders Forum Website POP User: ColumbiaBasinMining
Dividend Status: Defaulted
Dividend period (days): 7 Last dividend payment:
Dividend information updated: 2020-03-23 15:34:28
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No dividends since IPO End Date / Time: 2016-07-31 00:51:23.

Forumn message from ColumbiaBasinMining Posted 19-05-2016 04:25:15

We just wrote BTCjam again and working on settling our issue. We will make sure this loan is repaid prior to use of funds from this IPO. Absolutly no funds from this IPO will be used for repayment. We will not withdraw any funds from the IPO until the BTCjam issue is resolved guaranteed. We will allow anyone to check with admin on this, and/or if BTCPOP wishes to stop our withdrawals until proof of the loan repayment, this is acceptable to us.

Are focus is on getting an outstanding lottery game out there for the bitcoin community.

Yes we tried this back in 2014 and parts of 2015, but since then I had to deal with personal issues, and in a much better place now to make this a success.

Apart from outstanding dividends this user did not leave any other debt.


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