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INST1: Shared Instant #1

Trade IPO Share Holders Forum Website POP User: Casimir1904
Dividend Status: Active
Dividend period (days): 30 Last dividend payment: 2020-09-06 03:30:01
Dividend information updated: 2020-09-06 08:57:05
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INST1 is considered an in-house share as the IPO was set up by BTCPOP.

The idea behind INST1 shares. All shares are invested into the Instant Account. The Instant Account pays interest whenever an instant loan payment is made. For Instant Accounts with low funds this interest share can be so small that no payout is received. INST1 shares accumulates payouts until there is sufficient funds collected that a dividend payment can be made to all share holders.

Due to the dividend period being variable I have set the dividend period to 30 days for dividend status calculations.


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