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DGCX: DogeClix (eCredit)

Trade IPO Share Holders Forum Website POP User: galactic123
Dividend Status: Defaulted
Dividend period (days): 30 Last dividend payment: 2020-07-02 03:24:24
Dividend information updated: 2020-07-11 10:35:57
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New Website: https://ecreditcoin.net/

The IPO owner has closed DogeClix and incorporated the shares into eCredit.

Website message:

DogeClix (the PTC) Has Closed

December 19, 2019 - It is with sadness that we have to announce that DogeClix.Com has closed after a little over three years of operations.

There have been a number of factors weighing into this decision, such as operational costs, as now we are fully dedicating our resources to eCredit which in less than a year has outperformed DogeClix in every sense. Another reason that led to the decision of closing DogeClix is the recent announcement by FaucetHub about its ceasing operations, which means there is no straightforward way to keep paying DOGE to a vast number of users anymore without engaging in significant website and server upgrades; again, all resources are being destined in favor of eCredit.

What about BTCPop Shares?

If you are a shareholder in BTCPop, know that we will continue to support the DogeClix shares in there. Consider the DogeClix shares to be now part of the eCredit network.

What about DOGE balances in the server?

We are sorry, but said DOGE balance is now gone along with the FaucetHub microwallet services.

Other info?

There are plans to eventually sell the domain name DogeClix.Com, although no specifics have been decided yet.


Any questions, please email 123bit@123bit.com


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