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CZM: CrazyMining

Trade IPO Share Holders Forum Website POP User: joebrann
Dividend Status: Defaulted
Dividend period (days): 14 Last dividend payment: 2019-07-27 19:40:49
Dividend information updated: 2020-03-08 08:36:36
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Website is not available. As well as outstanding dividends, this user has also defaulted on 2 loans.

Forum message from joebrann: Posted 07-01-2020 18:12:08

I am still here, have some money coming into pop to pay more of my loan, what I released the shares at when I started it back up is what I will be buying them back at. Please review what share holders have earned majority of all money that was made was paid in dividends not only the 10% of the profit.

I plan on still having the shares here, and I will not sell any of my shares till everything is bought back, and or dividends are being paid again. I am not making any extra money on the miners / GPU’s I am still sitting on more like costing me money keeping them running.

So I will be trying to make share holders that bought high shares from other share holders whole but please understand I am always trying to make everyone more then what they start out with in my investments again why my CZM ROI is over 100%


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