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image-left Bluetin is a cryptocurrency blog maintained by the BTCPOP user of the same name.

I have been an enthusiast investor at BTCPOP since 2015, about the same time BTCJam* was winding down. This blog came about during the covid-19 lockdown. This site is created with the static site builder, Jekyll, via GitHub Pages.

As well as your standard blog posts, I have created custom content that is derived from data files. These data files are created by the spreadsheets I use to keep my records. So, as I go about my day in the world of cryptocurrency, as I save my research and records, then by a process that seems almost magical, this blog receives automatic updates. Effectively, I am able to share with you my homework.

Please enjoy your visit,

Bluetin :-)

* BTCJam Profile: https://btcjam.com/users/434977.